Lab Service - Dirt Analysis


Analysis filtration: 
In up to 3 membranes catching washbin parts are cleaned by means of splashing, ultrasonic, washes up and floods. Herewith we fulfil not only the demands of the ISO 16232 and VDA 19 also all work norms from the customer.


Evaluation gravimetrics: 
After the cleaning process the gravimetrics evaluation with an exactness of 0.01 mg is measured.


Light microscopy: 
In light microscopy, the analysis of the detected particles takes place on number and size. In this case, the particles are classified according to their size, whereby a distinction between metal, fibers and non-metal takes place.


Rest magnetism: 
To the measurement of rest magnetism of the components before cleaning process the surface magnetism is ascertained.


Fluorescence measurement of surfaces:
For reliable detection of the slightest traces of soiling such as oils, greases or coolants. Furthermore, there is the possibility of non-contact measurement of the layer thickness of, for example, oils or corrosion inhibitors. As an additional control, an Arcor or Fischer ink test can be performed.


Decay measurement:
During measurement, a component is repeatedly sampled 6 times. It determines how the particle load decreases, and determines the later extraction process.


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